Sunday, May 1, 2011

Timer 555 Schematic

Simple Timer With 555 is one example of a simple timer and can be applied to electronic equipment. With 555 Timer Simple series takes advantage of the mode of the IC monostable multivibrator 555. With the relay output control circuit can be used to control equipment with AC voltage source. With 555 Timer Simple circuit can work with source voltage of 5 - 12VDC depending on the relay used. In order to use Simple Timer With this 555 can be started by pressing the switch S1 to start the process of timing. In the relay there are 2 options that is normaly Close connection (NC) and normaly open (NO).
Timer 555 Schematic

The duration of the timing circuit 555 Simple Timer With RC configuration is determined by the VR 1 MOhm and C 10uF. Active timer duration can be calculated with the formula T = 1.1 RC where T (seconds), R (Ohm) and C (farad). To get more accurate results R and C components referred to in the formula should use good quality components, namely C of tantalum material and R with the quality of 1%.


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