Monday, May 23, 2011

Speaker Protector Circuit with DC Protection

Speaker protector function to protect the speakers from damage caused by spikes in the audio signal when first turned on and the DC signal from the audio signal clipping. circuit protectors speakers consist of 2 parts which can protect the speakers are part of the DC signal detection and the delay. Part detetor DC signal composed by 4 pieces arranged diode bridge and a transistor. Then agian delay on the speaker is using a tank circuit protector in the form of capacitors, where the circuit composed of R6, C3, TR2 and TR3. End part of the speaker is using a relay protector. circuit protectors speakers in detail can be seen in the following figure.

Safety Speaker circuit
speaker protector circuit

speaker protector component
Component Speaker Protector Protection
Speaker circuit surge protector is equipped with a flashing indicator made ​​for the postponement of the power amplifier to the speakers. Speaker circuit surge protector can be used to protect the speakers in stereo audio system.


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